New Screenplay on "A Haunting" series called "Untouchable"

Jeanne MarieThis new episode is about how Clairvoyant Jeanne Marie met up with Gheia, an Untouchable from the other side.

Gheia was a murdered, Untouchable woman from India who was seen and heard as a frightening ghost by a mother and daughter, Linda and Cara in their home in Florida. As a clairvoyant, I was grateful to share who Gheia truly was with them. For me, it was a blessing to be able to enlighten the shadow of such a fearful haunting. And for Linda and Cara, Ghia's presence became a positive experience that lives to this day -- and beyond.


The "Untouchable" episode on A Haunting will air in America in October 2017.

Jeanne Marie Jeanne Marie

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