Jeanne Marie Antoinette

Jeanne Marie Antoinette is a clairvoyant, author, and artist with an academic background in ancient history, theology, and counseling. For over twenty years, she served as a counselor and clairvoyant in South Florida. As a clairvoyant, she worked nationally helping families, police, and private detectives find missing and murdered children. After relocating, she began a new chapter in her life as an author, publishing her experiences in a number of poignant, powerful books and screenplays. After the Cardinal Loss of her husband, home, and all of her material possessions in 2011,  she began a new chapter in life called...

My Cardinal Journey

A Note from Jeanne Marie: I can't help but smile at the Divine Irony that seems to always change my life. For decades, I insistently guarded my innermost private thoughts and fears regarding my work, as well as my deepest past experiences. Little did I know my journey was destined all along to become an Open Book—literally! 
      After being abducted, raped, and left to die as an eleven-year-old child, I was reawakened within what I call the Other Realm of Being. Fortunately, my life continued through my desire to work as a clairvoyant to help others find their missing and murdered children and loved ones. However, like the thorns on the stem of a rose, there are always obstacles attached to beauty in life. During those long, difficult years I spent re-living the tragic deaths of others, I was never sure if I had been blessed or cursed with an unbidden and non-returnable “dark gift”.
      Then my dear friend James Tucker, known as the Personal Spiritual Guide, told me the only way I would ever really know the answer to that question was to expose it to the Light. “Dig down, deep down into the pits of your soul,” he said. “Be fearless, and write everything that surfaces. In those pages you will find your truth.”          
      Taking his words to heart, I began to write. And write. I wrote about so many dark and terrifying experiences I had encountered, and before I knew it, an amazing thing began to happen. Like a new seedling reaching up from the dark earth, those painful experiences began their metamorphosis. Those dormant seeds miraculously began to grow, and soon enough like beautiful rose, they began to blossom. I felt the shadow of darkness recede from my “gift”, and realized that it is a blessing to share with everyone.
      After I began writing my books and sharing my stories, I was blessed with a loving husband. Together we enjoyed beautiful homes and travels, along with many gifts and possessions. But it was not to last. After “Digging deep down into the pits of my soul” and writing everything that “surfaced through my lessons in life”, the next series of sorrowful losses in my life came about, and so My Cardinal Journey began.  
      Within a few months, we lost our home, our finances, and all our possessions—and then my husband died. For a while I felt devastated. But his passing led to a blessing as well. His final wish became a Cardinal Message through the visit of a red-winged bird, a cardinal. By experiencing so many Cardinal Losses, of both my own and others, from that visit I was blessed to create a thriving Website devoted to Cardinal Healing, called The Cardinal Experience. On this site, thousands of people connect with Cardinals—the true symbolic messengers of Hope and Cheer—and share how they too overcame grief and loss in their lives.       
      After working as a Website artist and designer to help others through my site, a new inspiration came to me through James Tucker, not long after his death. As a tarot card reader and a psychic medium, James too was soulfully dedicated to sharing insight and helping others, and so he led me to my next project. Through a series of visions I was shown, I created an inspiring deck of Healing Insight Cards to help others to overcome Grief and Loss, and gain Healing and Insight. Thus the new Cardinal Healing Insight Cards were inspirationally channeled and created. 
      I have a sincere faith that my work will help, heal, and inspire all who seek it. Who knows what paths My Cardinal Journey will take next? One thing is sure, though – I will share it all with you.

Peace and Love,          

  Jeanne Marie      

Cardinal Healing Insight Cards


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Many thanks to Jack Jepsen for his Cardinal Messages & James Tucker for his Spiritual Guidance.